Altais Clinical Services and Brown & Toland Physicians Combine Forces To Accelerate Improvement of Physician and Patient Experiences

Nov 25, 2020 | News

Studies show widespread burnout contributes to physician shortage Combined entities provide enhanced physician support and preserves practice independence, delivering high-quality patient care and better health outcomes at lower costs

OAKLAND, Calif. (November 25, 2020)  Two groups in Northern California are addressing the issue of physician burnout. Altais Clinical Services, a division of the healthcare services company Altais, and Brown & Toland Physicians, an independent network of more than 2,700 physicians serving more than 350,000 patients in the San Francisco Bay Area, today completed their affiliation. The two organizations have formally joined to expand the transformation of patient care for improved health outcomes at an affordable cost and accelerate the improvement of the physician and patient experience. Brown & Toland Physicians is now a subsidiary of Altais Clinical Services. Kelly Robison remains Brown & Toland Physicians’ chief executive officer.

Studies recently cited by JAMA Network demonstrate that widespread physician burnout is a major contributor to the current shortage of physicians in the United States. Some of the factors creating this burnout include the significant time required by physicians to manage electronic health records and the increasing complexities of operating a practice. These and other pressures take physicians’ time away from caring for patients. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the problem, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

Brown & Toland Physicians will continue to operate under its current brand and continue to service all payers. As part of Altais Clinical Services, Brown & Toland Physicians now has access to additional capital, services and a wide range of programs and tools for physicians to operate independent practices under a value-based model. All Brown & Toland Physicians’ patients can continue to see their physicians with no interruption in care.

As part of Altais Clinical Services, Brown & Toland Physicians will continue to provide a clinically integrated system of coordinated care to ensure its physicians spend time doing what they do best – caring for patients. This includes sophisticated clinical tools and a technology management platform to enhance clinical and service quality for physicians and their patients.

“Altais Clinical Services and Brown & Toland Physicians share the vision of a reimagined physician practice experience. We will serve as an innovator for independent physicians, providing deeper levels of support and the tools they need to deliver high-quality, affordable care to their patients in this increasingly value-based world,” said Robison.
“Physicians will benefit from a more robust practice management platform that uses an advanced set of data, insights and tools to care for patients where and when they need it.”

“We at Altais Clinical Services are delighted to have Brown & Toland Physicians join us. Together, we look to bring even greater value to physicians. Our goal is to accelerate the capacity of physicians and the clinical community to maximize the health and well-being of their patients and set practices up for long-term success,” said Jeff Bailet, M.D., Altais’ president and chief executive officer. “Our focus is to restore the vibrancy of independent physician practices, so they can direct more of their focus on patient care.”

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About Altais
Altais is a healthcare services company that helps physicians and the clinical community maximize the health and well-being of their patients in an affordable and sustainable way. Altais has two divisions. Altais Clinical Services offers a range of affiliation and employment models for physicians, and high-quality, affordable care for patients. Altais Health offers a broad platform of clinical support tools and technology, along with high-touch support. Altais seeks to enhance the vibrancy of physician practice and strengthen the heart of medicine – physicians connecting with patients and providing personalized, high-quality care. For more information about Altais, please visit

About Brown & Toland Physicians
Brown & Toland Physicians, a subsidiary of Altais Clinical Services, is a leading network of independent doctors focused on delivering personalized and high-quality healthcare to the San Francisco Bay Area. Its network of more than 2,700 physicians, serving more than 350,000 HMO and PPO patients, is dedicated to improving care and reducing costs through innovative care management and care coordination programs, use of healthcare technology and population health management strategies. Brown & Toland collaborates with leading hospitals and health plan providers to deliver high quality care in the Bay Area. To learn more, please visit:


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