Altais launches with a big bang…

Aug 21, 2019 | News

It’s no secret that the healthcare system needs to undergo serious change. It’s far too expensive and creates a significant burden on American families. And being a physician today is not what it used to be. Doctors are increasingly burned out and fatigued, often spending more time on administrative tasks than delivering care to patients—the reason they became physicians in the first place. Especially among independent physicians, regulatory, administrative, and financial burdens are causing a loss of practice vibrancy and unprecedented levels of physician and clinician dissatisfaction, and in many cases driving them to sell their practices or retire early.

In order to help maximize the health and well-being of patients and make care more affordable, physicians are helped by the latest technology and tools. But there are two major barriers in the way.

First, despite the many disparate technology solutions out there, none of them provide everything that’s needed for a practice to run smoothly, and it is challenging to integrate these solutions into physicians’ daily workflows without placing more burdens on them.

Second, under the growing infrastructure and financial demands, physicians are increasingly having to consider selling their practices to gain access to these new innovative tools and technology—often having to trade away the benefits and autonomy they’ve grown accustomed to in independent practice.

Altais will disrupt this paradigm. We will support physicians and clinicians and offer them a comprehensive set of transformational capabilities, remaining payer-agnostic in the process and driving value-based care. Our focus is twofold:

  1. Design comprehensive customized solutions and provide access to a suite of innovative services and tools in a financially sustainable way.
  2. Offer flexible partnership and ownership options to physicians and practices, with a full range of affiliation and employment models while maintaining professional gratification.

Our namesake, Altais, is a white-to-yellow, giant star—59 times more luminous than the sun. It’s part of the Draco or “dragon” constellation, one of the largest constellations in the sky. It is a perfect representation of what we hope to achieve. Like the star, we want to serve as a beacon for the healthcare community, providing the illumination needed to transform our current system.

When Blue Shield of California made the bold decision to create and invest in Altais, it felt like the stars had aligned. The company I had joined two years earlier was taking a risk to address critical issues facing physicians, all in the spirit of providing care that is worthy of family and friends, and sustainably affordable.

Change is long overdue. Join us in building the vibrancy of physician practice and strengthening the heart of medicine—connecting with patients and providing personalized, high-quality care. 

Jeff Bailet, M.D.

CEO, Altais