Chief Human Resources Officer

Ruth Hendrickson has been an integral part of the planning and launch of Altais, helping to develop the new company’s critically important people strategy.

Ruth joined Altais from Blue Shield of California, where she served as Vice President of Human Resources. At Blue Shield, Ruth was the lead people strategist for all lines of business and clinical partnerships. 

Ruth has a wealth of experience in and out of the healthcare industry, working with providers and insurers, and in consulting. Her professional experience ranges from brand new start-up, to small to midsize businesses, to one of the largest health plans in the U.S. She is educated in social work, gerontology, human resource development, and change leadership.

Ruth started her career as a medical social worker in a major healthcare system, working closely with the medical teams providing rehabilitation to patients with complex acute and chronic medical conditions. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Minnesota State University and a Master of Arts degree in education and human resource development from the University of Minnesota.