Why Altais


Laser focused on the physician

Altais ignites an exceptional healthcare system that cultivates the health and well-being of physicians, patients, and the clinical community. Altais is an antidote to the challenges that confront physicians and the clinical community as they care for patients in today’s increasingly complex and costly healthcare system.

About Our Name

Our name, Altais, reflects who we are as a company.

Altais is a star that is 59 times brighter than the sun. Like the star, we want to serve as a beacon that provides the illumination necessary to deliver innovative technology solutions that help physiciansand clinicians focus on patient care that is efficient and effective, sustainably affordable and professionally gratifying.

What We Do

Altais helps medical and clinical professionals seamlessly leverage technology so they can spend more time with their patients, reduce administrative burdens, strengthen the vibrancy of their practice and enjoy a sense of professional satisfaction.
Our approach is two fold:

We design comprehensive customized solutions and provide access to a suite of innovative services and tools that are financially sustainable.

We offer flexible partnership and ownership options to physicians and practices, with affiliation and employment models that will allow them to spend their time productively, delivering care to patients — the reason they chose medicine in the first place.

Our Principles

Illuminating New Paths

  • Transform with physicians, not mandate to them – honor independence
  • Deliver seamless, differentiated, user-friendly experiences for physicians and patients
  • Partner with those who are philosophically aligned and have a shared vision
  • Make technology work for our physician partners and patients
  • Act quickly, be bold, relentless and unafraid to take prudent risk

Our Values







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