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Staying fit and healthy is important for everyone. When it comes to exercising, hiking is one of the best ways to stay active.

Not only does it provide an opportunity to get some fresh air and sunshine, but it’s also a perfect stress-buster. Riverside, California is an ideal city for hiking, with many different and scenic trails that offer a great workout, as well as beautiful views of the city. Here are some great reasons why hiking is great exercise and some of the best hiking trails in Riverside.

Hiking burns lots of calories

Hiking requires a lot of effort and energy, which makes it one of the best calorie-burning exercises. Depending on the person’s weight and the difficulty of the trail they choose, hikers can burn anywhere from 300 to 700 calories per hour, which is impressive! This makes hiking a great way to stay in shape and get rid of some extra weight. Some of the best trails in Riverside with high calorie-burning potential include Mount Rubidoux Trail and Box Springs Mountain Trail.

Hiking improves cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular exercise is essential for good health, and hiking is a great way to get that kind of exercise. When hiking, the heart pumps faster, which increases blood circulation throughout the body. This ultimately leads to a healthier heart, improved lung capacity, and better overall health. If you’re looking for a good cardiovascular workout, try the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park in Riverside.

Hiking strengthens muscles

Hiking is also an amazing way to strengthen muscles. The uneven terrain, inclines, and declines require the body to work against gravity, which develops the muscles. Hiking is an excellent form of resistance training that strengthens the lower body muscles, including the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and calves. If you’re looking for a great lower body workout, take on the Skyline Trail in the Jurupa Mountains.

Hiking reduces stress

Exercise has been shown to relieve stress, and hiking is no exception. Being surrounded by nature and getting some fresh air is a fantastic way to reduce stress levels. Hiking provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and disconnect from technology. Take a break from your screens and explore the Hidden Valley Wildlife Area in Riverside.

Hiking is a great way to socialize

Hiking is a fantastic way to meet new people and connect with others while staying active. Riverside has a great hiking community and many hiking groups that offer guided hikes. Join a hiking group to get some company and learn more about the different trails in Riverside.

Hiking is an excellent way to stay active, improve overall health, and explore the natural beauty of Riverside, California. The city has plenty of hiking trails that offer different levels of difficulty and promise breathtaking views. Whether you want to burn some calories, strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular health, or reduce stress, there is a perfect trail for you. Don’t hesitate to grab some comfortable shoes, water, a hat, and some snacks, and head out to one of these amazing hiking trails today!