We are here to help physicians and the clinical community maximize the health and well-being of their patients in a way that is sustainably affordable and maintains professional gratification.

We provide physicians and the clinical community with next-generation clinical support tools, technology, and services, along with a range of empowering affiliation and employment models.

Our name, Altais, reflects who we are as a company and the level of aspiration we have around partnering with clinicians to deliver healthcare in a better way. Altais is a white-to-yellow, giant star – 59 times more luminous than the sun. Like the star, we hope to serve as a beacon for healthcare, providing illumination needed to create a far better experience for physicians and clinicians, and their patients.


The Altais leadership team has deep experience in healthcare and diverse backgrounds, featuring leadership roles at start-up, midsize, and large companies. Each leader has a complementary blend of strategic and operational experience. And each has a passion for excellence, a desire to achieve meaningful change, and a commitment to care.


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Human Resources Officer


Chief Financial Officer


We are just getting started, and there’s much more to come.


The Altais Family includes:


Altais Health:


      • Altais Health offers a broad platform of next-generation clinical support tools and technology, along with high-touch support


Altais Clinical Services:


      • Altais Clinical Services offers a range of empowering affiliation and employment models for physicians, and high-quality, affordable care for patients


Why choose Altais?


Altais is partnering with physicians to transform healthcare.


Our solutions are developed with our physician partners and will be customized to their needs. For example, our expanding offerings will include:


      • Services and technologies aimed at improving physicians’ and clinicians’ professional gratification, removing administrative burdens, and freeing up time to focus on patients


      • An integrated platform to help physicians flourish under value-based care and be rewarded for delivering high-quality care, affordably



Altais Teams Up with Aledade, and the California Medical Association to Offer Unique Patient Care Model Supported by Innovative Technologies

Altais, in collaboration with Blue Shield of California, aims to help physicians provide value-based care to Californians…


Altais launches with a big bang…

It’s no secret that the healthcare system needs to undergo serious change. It’s far too expensive and creates a significant burden on American families…

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