Altais Nurse Spotlight: National Nurses Week - Altais

In celebration of National Nurses Week (May 6-12), Altais is highlighting four members of our network.  Each of them uses their nursing training to accomplish different facets of Altais’s mission: to elevate the experiences of independent physicians, their clinical teams and – ultimately – their patients. The nursing profession plays an invaluable role in the success of healthcare delivery in all settings. We applaud these dedicated professionals and are honored to introduce them to you.

Brigid Gast, R.N.

Director of Clinical Program Development, Altais

“As I saw the impact that bedside nurses and those in the field were making in the lives of their patients, I felt that was my calling,” said Brigid Gast, R.N., and director of clinical program development at Altais. “I’m excited to get up and go to work every day because I know the work I’m doing is contributing to improved patient outcomes.”

Hear more from Brigid Gast in this short video.

Allyson Watts, R.N.

Clinical Success Advisor, Altais

“Every single day I go to work, I make a difference,” said Allyson Watts, R.N., and clinical success advisor at Altais. Nursing is a profession that offers an endless number of specialties. Allyson’s many years of experience on the front lines with patients, coupled with her deep knowledge of medical systems and processes, help facilitate the quality of patient care through advising non-medical staff.

Hear more from Allyson Watts in this short video.

Stephanie Wilson, R.N.

Nurse at Altais Medical Group Riverside

“If you feel it’s a calling for you, it’s definitely worth it,” says Stephanie Wilson, R.N. at Altais Medical Group Riverside, when asked what advice she would give those considering entering the nursing profession. “What inspired me to pursue a career in medicine was a desire to help people and a chance to be in a field where I can continually learn something new.”

Hear more from Stephanie Wilson in this short video.

Don Stanley, R.N.

 Vice President of Clinical Operations, Brown & Toland Physicians

 “I became interested in medicine while I was in the military. I was attracted to the complexity and flexibility within the field,” said Don Stanley, R.N. and vice president of clinical operations at Brown & Toland Physicians. Don sees an opportunity for interoperability within current health systems, minimizing duplicate information and making operations more intuitive for both clinicians and patients. In his 30+ years of medical management systems, he is still drawn to the challenge of problem-solving.

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