Annual Wellness Visit & Annual Health Assessment Program

You may have received a call as a member of Blue Shield of California to schedule your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit. Blue Shield of California (BSC) has contracted with Altais to deliver Annual Wellness Visits and complete the Annual Health Assessment form. Your Primary Care Provider is aware of this benefit and your visit summary will be shared with your Primary Care Provider.

In-home or Virtual

Your Annual Wellness Visit can be completed via Telehealth or in-home visit for eligible members of Blue Shield of California.

Health Information

The visit is an important piece in providing information to your primary care physician on potential care plan needs.


Members will also be assessed during these visits for any care gaps and can be provided with appropriate lab work or testing to close those gaps.

How does it work?

Depending on your area, a healthcare provider representative will call in the coming weeks to schedule the in-home wellness visit at your convenience. This visit is available to you from now through 12/31/2022.


Why should I take part?

This assessment may provide your provider with additional information regarding your overall health. The assessment may indicate you could benefit from other care programs and make sure you are up to date with health screenings.

This visit is an additional benefit offered to you by Blue Shield through its partner, Altais. It does not replace annual visits with your primary care physician or any other visits you should have with any of your doctors. The information from this visit will be sent to your primary care physician who can use this information in providing care for you.



If you have any questions about this benefit available to you, please call the Customer Care number listed on your Blue Shield of California member ID card. For more information about Altais and to schedule your visit, please call (888) 320-5015 [TTY: 711] from 8AM-6PM PST.


Gift Card Process

As a thank you for your time, patients will receive a $25 gift card after visit completion provided by Blue Shield of California. Members can expect their gift card to be mailed within 30 days of their completed visit.